Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I had no choice..

My ex wife came after me with everything she had. Cops still going through crap. Its a horrible thing to see a twenty seven year marriage die. My Lawyer is getting a harassment order against my ex wife tomorrow by midday. What a horrid thing it is to have a mans pride. You have no fucking idea how bad I miss "T" Girl, never have known such a love for a girl like her. I think of her daily. Everything about her was perfect I fucking loved her man. Yet my pride and hell by now shes gone forever. How I will always love and remember her.

Reason my ex wife is freaking insane with anger, is I told her I was leaving for Italy next year. She was like what about your son and daughter? I was like have them visit me in Rome baby, sorry, but that's what divorce is about right? Am done with equality in women and shit when it comes down to it I 'm ready to die for any woman I fall in love with. The fucking least she can do is obey me in her daily life, as I have only her best interest at heart. My ex wife is freaking out as I found out yesterday that our divorce is now in judgment clerk hands. Past week have been dating a call girl or a hooker whatever man. Shes a babe that makes money fucking other fuckers like me. Difference is she pays for me at dinner at shit. Simply I can't afford her dinners and stuff. Chayas man? lol give me a break man. Feldmans lol right!!!! When I asked why me? she said none eats her like I do. I took it as a compliment and so forth.

Yet theres a girl in San Diego that I would chase untill the end of time shes fucking beautufull an d she loves her nephew bigtime. Am ready to move down there if she even knew my name man.

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