Monday, July 27, 2009

How did it go?

Well Manny's daughter canceled at the end but holy mackerel, what happened next changed my life forever. Edgar and Efferent are all freaked that they may miss some stupid soccer game. I tell them ok we will leave all these girls and the beach, to go back to valley so you can see your game. they didn't see anything wrong with that and to tell you the truth it was one week ago on Sunday that I had a date with a total blond beach bunny, it didn't work out so I was kinda bummed a little to be at beach. Also had major personal history and current financial problems on my mind. As I was heading down on PCH to get freeway as I just didn't feel like racing up sunset today.

I get a call from my little Japanese girl that I met like 2-3 months ago at Skinny's. We had danced that night and I felt we had shared a little chemistry. Well when she gave me a date a month later I missed it as I just wanted to hang with my friend Ben and get buzzed. So I told her something at work had come up. She didn't give another chance at a date until today. So I Told her same thing I told Mannys daughter. It was something in her voice that made me add stats of my boys. I heard gasp ever so quietly. Told her we were close to her place (she lives in Santa Monica). She said she would love to hangout with us all at beach. (AM SLEEPY long sexy night will write this post tommorrow)

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