Friday, June 12, 2009

What a Freaking Life Man!

Wow man.... I have turned into a freaking flirt and I can't help myself LOL. I feel my day was a waste if I don't come home with a sweet girls number in my pocket, lol didn't say I was a player... just a flirt. Yea I know other dudes come home with a new woman every night, but I ain't that kind of guy, gawd I hope I don't turn into one of those slugs. I doubt I will, am more a quality versus quantity guy. See I don't know if I'm doing right, but I never intend to have my heart broken by another woman like "T" Girl. Never want to fall so in love again, it hurt so bad man.

Example: Denise my neighbor, yesterday found me flirting with the mail carrier, right near my mailbox, its not like I was hiding anything. I have a thing for nice toned long legs like Jenny's. man. Jenny s walks miles all day long carrying mail. So after I snag Jenny's number on my cell and LOL have learned when I take a number, I just add it right there to my contacts and test it by calling the babe am getting it from lol. I used to take them down by pen but always wrong, guess I was nervous. Denise met me back at my door after seeing us and getting her mail. I was like OMG (Tone=angry face or attitude) again??? She asks me Honey is this how its going to be with you? Always on the hunt for a new girl? I just stood there wondering what to say or do.

All I could do was smile and say Doll yea, until I fall for a woman, yea this is how its going to be for me and I offer no apologies. She shoots back like a rifle with sorry can't make it to our date on Sunday, family thingy, I was like no problem, but Darling we have lived just a few feet from each other for couple months now and well lets be friends ok? She was like yea, yea and closed her door. Am sure player or hell maybe a better guy would have said something to make this situation go his way. I just don't care anymore man. If a girl likes me fine lets get the party started, but if shes going to get on my ass and starting biting me forget it man. Don't care if shes in her 30's, pretty and living just feet away from me. NO MORE TONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Onto a bright note: I was given my honoree "gang banger" name? ROFL See a couple months ago. I got into a physical "debate" with a local gang in Van Nuys, had just finishing having a phone argument/breakup with "T" girl so I went looking for a massive fight. Instead made friends with a gang and they brought my belligerent drunk ass home. ROFL they used to call me Uncle Fausto LMAO!! now my name is Frogger, froggy, el sapo. So why name lmao? Frogger = I'm Always ready to JUMP into a fight. I was touched by the name and affection. Even got a black jacket as a birthday gift with their colors and my gang name embroidered on it all chunty and gang like. So whats in it for them being friends with a dude like me? LMAO If I told you lmao man you wouldn't fucking believe it so no reason to even try to explain.

Dear Dairy, even though am having a great time, its like I feel I'm a Citizen without a Country, a Father without a Family, a Husband without a Soulmate, a Man without a best friend. Then a pretty girl smiles, winks or shakes her little ass at me and there I go off like a Pepe Le Pew. LMAO I don't care if I make a fool out of myself or how others see me. I just care bout getting that number and watching her eyes, as I play my best game on her quest. If we dance that's the bestest thing I love. I love dancing I'll do that for hours at a club. I can't think of anything that comes close to dancing with a girl that likes it too. Jesus man its everything to me!!!! Since Denise canceled am heading to a club and just going to dance until I drop on Sunday :)

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