Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Thank you God!

May "have" a date soon with a beautiful and just fucking hardcore woman (Don't know if I have the skills to land it). Since "T" Girl , I haven't been much interested in taking a friendship past the "dam good Friends for life" level. Until I spoke to this "woman" yea even this word "woman", I find it inadequate to describe her physical beauty not to even try to delve into her inner being. Last week and this week as we have spoken on phone. I've been so careful to spell everything out and not assume on my part. I like her, shes really pretty in my book and she dances too. Shes into salsa and I'm into swing. I look forward to calling her tonight and yet am more reserved that I used to be. She says I have lots of energy on phone and that I sound like a news or sportscaster on cell..LOL! Yea I always get excited when I talk to someone I really like.

Her questions are so different than other woman's. Hers are about me and how they make me feel. At first I was like wtf? are you a shrink? then when she told me what she does helping out her community service through her church, it all made sense. I'm about to start dating a really sexy "Church Lady"! Lol yea I was stunned how deep the church follows me and always talks in its life altering ways. She has a couple of older daughters, shes 38 and, "oh well tattered heart, lets hand the ticket to the man at the wheel and go for a spin again"!

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