Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pouring Women?

WTF MAN!!!!!!!! :) Do I LOOK DIFFERENT? LMAO! ok so I get home last night am a little tired from the from El Puesto. Figure I would walk a little or maybe dance in bedroom and lift weights lol, yea exciting life. I hear knocking on door figure its Efrain and wants to party. LOL NOPE! its my neighbor and GAWD DAM Shes HOT! Never seen her like this or maybe I never noticed, but she asks to borrow some sugar. I said sure come in, she was like I rather not disturb you and your girlfriend. I chuckled and said sorry Doll no girlfriends anymore just lady friends that pass by say hi and dance a little. She gave me this look like wtf does that mean. I ask her you dance swing? She nodded no and I smiled hehehe. Ten minutes later I had her swinging on my dance floor and the little honey has incredible waist moves. We hung out for an hour or so dancing and talking. I didn't want to push it, but she did. Sunday at my place for dinner and dancing, lmao man she lives like 18 inches next door LOL! Natalie, Anita, and now "neighbor" learned her real name, all this time been calling her by her sister's name. "T" Girl was right I needed to date more and I don't think I'll be settling down anytime soon. Like babe said last time am an Alley Cat....Meow

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