Saturday, June 6, 2009

Part 2 of Thursdays post.

So we see the headless lady on freeway floor sprawled out, my ex wife noticed and I would like to say, have found that many women aside from my former wife and my last girl friend who was exceptionally observant. Women have incredible eyes for details that really count and more women should be homicide detectives. Anyways "the EX WIFE" LOL! she noticed the neck as we passed it looked to clean and she was right no blood and what I remember is how the neck folds that used to be attached to such a pretty head, a head that was coming up on lane was so velvety smooth and so gently rounded.

Well the head was that of a pretty women lipstick still shinny. Really nice hair do considering but like wife said, "look at her eyes and the fear". See most folks don't know, but when you die, not always I guess, but your eyes will focus on the last thing you see so if your scared your eyes will be wide open and frighted, if happy, you get the idea. Again now thinking of this backwards like I see where this crappy slow motion thing came from when shit happens to me. I grab wife and yell call the cops the guy that did it is on overpass looking at the shit below. She spots him she calls 911 the dude sees me jumping out of car, hell traffic has literally stopped and am pointing to him on top of over pass he smiles makes a gun sign at me and takes his sweet time getting into a white truck a small truck, it was a refrigerated truck, wife remembers that detail later. The fucker leaves all slow like no rush. Well court we call the cops from house and I'll give my ex wife her due the little bitch was persistent. She called a few homicide and watch commanders on this incident. Conses it was ruled a suicide and no witness reported seeing anything different.

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