Tuesday, June 9, 2009

OMG Anita Called me and I melted.

About two months ago after "T" Girl accessed my cell call log and called Anita to ask her who the hell she was. WOW man that wasn't an awkward moment at all. Well in a way it didn't matter as I felt "T" Girl had dumped me already and I was clueless why she had driven to meet me when we both knew it was over. I think "T" Girl was da bomb and all that, but Anita was a family friend of decades and she deserved better than my St. Peter denials in front of "T". Yup Anita also dumped my ass for acting like I didn't know who she was when "T" called her. Rofl man wtf!! am new to all this bullshit regarding dateing and stuff. Yet I know my babes though. I hoped Anita would call me back and forgive me and heheh she did much to my happiness.

Yea I went out with Anita few times after "T" Girl dumped my ass LOL! Wow man Anita rocks man she can dance like ginger rogers and her sense of style and composure rocks man. She sang at Skinnys and we danced and drank all night. Anita I never knew you could be so seductive and yet so aloof like a beauty from a story that one reads and tries to forget as he knows he can never find a real woman like the one in story. Yet I found you Anita and I fucking don't know what to do. Between Natalie and you I have no idea what to do man. Tonight when you called me I was in the middle of something that well, was lets say life ending for a certain asshole, yet I put his soul down to talk to you. Lol Woman you had me in peals of laughter as you told me about your day lmao girl. Your voice is the sexiest I've ever heard and the stuff you say is so goddamn poignant. I think I get the A- rabs and Mormons now. Its so hard just to love one women, fuck man you want to love and to tell you the truth it really is possible to love as strong one as it is to love a few at same time. Why shouldn't we men get that chance? After all ladies we're ready to die for you and yours. Is it not Women and children first on the high seas? It was on the last carnival crusie I took. We men should have the right to have more than one wife, more than one true love, more than one girlfriend and more than one best friend. Hheheh ...just saying...

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