Saturday, June 6, 2009


I SENT THIS EMAIL BELOW ABOUT A WEEK AGO. Last night I was feeling really blue man. I used to hang out with "T" Girl on Friday for almost two months. So I was tired man we just had stored most of bought food in freezers and was ready to crash when I finished my previous post. When Natalie called, she wanted to know if I was ok and if I was going on rounds. Told her no too tired and kinda sad, so I let her know I would be hitting the sack in a few. She was like ok later dude lol. Rofl I always bust me up when she calls me dude. I met her at our gathering place. I say bout 2-3 weeks after "T" Girl and I broke up. Of course we have Lady Knights or as we call them "Gentle Tornadoes",but I've never seen one of our kind mingle with their side of the hall.

Figured it was protocol and not to mention they are some of the scariest women you'll ever meet. Yet I bumped into Natalie at soda/wine bar near our side. I was floored on how pretty she was. Yellow layered golden eyes with green specks in them, red hair and lots of freckles. So I ask her as a joke, "you come here often"? We both died laughing. Its funny cause when we gather we usually have on our person some fleshy or bony keepsake of the devils spawn that we sent back to Hell.

Natalie's into "ears", she says she if you hold one her "ears", (lmao she has a bracelet of dried ears lol man women!) against yours, you can hear the waves of the oceans of Hell wash over the damned. She was right, you could hear billions of souls screaming, its was kinda of soothing though. So we talked shop for about an hour and somehow, I drifted to how I was heartbroken over "T" Girl and the loss it meant to me. When I showed Natalie "T" Girls pic she laughed and turned to me with the most coldest eyes and said never bring the Innocent into our world. She gave me her cell and email, hell man she had it on business card. I found her most impressive. I called her that night when I got home and we talked for a while. I've been calling her ever since until today or rather last night.

When I gave "T" Girl a an extra key to my apartment I really never thought twice about it, friend told me I had done a huge mistake as now the girl would always be be able to catch with me someone else. Lol I don't play that game, If I go with you its only you. When "T" Girl gave me the key back I was shattered man, just fucking heartbroken, lol why go figure, but I was. Well its must have been like 3:00 am I had just done some naughty things, heheh really naughty things that week. I was tired and sleeping early. I wake up and I know someone is in bed with me.

You ever go through that? ROFL!!! I guarantee you will freak the FUCK OUT OK! Yet your hit by perfume and the feeling no fear or anger is needed. I reached out and touched the body that had my bedspread around them. She turned and for a minute I was so sure it was "T" Girl. It wasn't, it was Natalie. I was so happy man!! She smiled and stroked her fingers on my nose and asked,"want me to leave"? I laughed so hard and shouted, "are you nuts" Please stay.!

She did and wow man!! We made love allot and stuff that I couldn't do before, I can now do LOL!, we fed the homeless in LA together, but much more importantly much more importantly!! WE HUNTED TOGETHER. OMFG you have no idea how that feels. What my ex and I did was child's play compared to what Nat and I can do now. Her "thang" are bear traps. ROFL MAN CAN YOU FUCKING BELIEVE THAT?????????? Have you ever seen a child defiler get a bear trap sprung onto "its" face? OMG you have not lived Dear Friend until you see that shit..its a beautiful thing.

Email below I sent to one of my kind that I may be falling for, but this time am taking my dam time lol.

Wow last night sweetheart you spoke to me at probably my hardest and most desolate moment in my life. Nothing to do with finances as its all break even here, but in a personal moment between my ex wife and kids. This week has been the hardest since I buried my marriage months ago and everyday you have cast your magical sunlight through my darkest clouds and brought Grace and courage to my daily struggle with this horrible pain of saying goodbye to my family Natalie. I'll never forget you for this kindness on your part. You gained nothing from it and did it so freely and lovingly its your way. To me your friendship is the most important thing I have left or would want to have. If I told you I wanted to date you it was sincere, but even though I know I'm out of your league in so many inadequate ways, I offer an all consuming love that takes you whole without questions and always stays true. That's all I know what to offer Natalie in return for what you have done for me.

Last night, I haven't laughed like that in years. You are the kindest woman I've ever met even with your most acute critique you have this incredibly vocabulary that can take a cruel and expected remark and turn it into a backward compliment of a generous and human kind. Many women could learn so much from you baby. I saw you in a very different light last night. I don't mean it as a patient thanking a Doctor for helping him through a bad time. Nah it was I saw what a wonderful human and woman,mother you really are. I feel a better man and a stronger one for knowing you now Natalie. I waited until this morning to write this email to you as I didn't want you to think it was a drunken maudlin induced afterthought. I laughed so hard at you figuring out my lets eat at beach to compare food ruse lmao man your too much! My car died just now so am waiting for freaking mechanic to wake up lmao. anyways young lady you have a great weekend and thanks again for everything. I stand at your Command my Princess.
Your Once and Future King

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