Saturday, June 13, 2009

Natalie Wow Baby!

Ya know what guys? If a girl really wants ya then she can show it too, right? LOL. Well have been so busy have kinda of ignored my duties of Justice. Since the "Lure" Post I've just chilled, instead focused on making "El Puesto" take off and well just ignoring my vows to "St. Peter"! Example: Last week, I've gotten the "email" like a few others of a certain fucking Priest that's been slave trading immigrant kids back over the border at Tijuana, Mexico. Vatican figured after what I did to the "Lure" I would be all over this Demon from Hell.

Well Goddamn it like I wrote back, "hey bros I ain't Bruce Wayne AKA Batman! I got to work or I'll get evicted, lose water,gas, electricity and host of other bills". The answer from the Walls of Silence was basically"whatever"? You would think that when you lose your Soul to the future depths of Hell not to mention your conscience, that you would care less about doing your Vow to God and Man. Yet it would weigh heavy on me daily. Until this morning, lmao has taken me all day to get over the "scare" of this morning even for a fucker like me, ROFL!

I woke to find the head of that evil priest all shaved, prepped to be iced and shipped off to Rome, right next to my face. LMAO Talk about MORNING BREATH k? LMAO! I came out flying from my bed with sword in hand ready to fight for my life like never before. Instead I found Natalie with her back to me looking at my reflection from my bedroom closet mirror. She said with the smallest whisper with my blade of life denied just inches from her sweet precious throat, gawd I get all choked up just remembering her eyes when she asked, whose "T" Girl"?

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