Sunday, June 14, 2009

Natalie I think I love you?

Its like 11:30 or something like that and Natalie is hunting with me again OMFG!!!!!!!!!!! Is this really happening?????????? This girl fears nothing or anybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMFG I think I'm falling for her hardcore, never known such liberation or friendship with anyone. I told her that "T" Girl was just a chick that I had thing for awhile ago and that it was over really before it even started. Natalie was like you still love her?, my answer was the truth and, I said no. Amazing how just a few months ago "T"Girl was the center of my universe and now she was just a "chick"? lol man. Either its a guy survive thing or I'm just a cold hearted bastard. Guess the point of it is loneliness is best dealt with a woman in your bed at night. Natalie and I humped like little bunnies all day and ate at my place some crap I cooked for us. I have a thing for a girl's smile when your on top of her.

It blows me away when a babe smiles at you. So Natalie looks at me today and asks, you got any bad blood nearby? LOL man I couldn't stop lolling my ass off and told her its a COMPLETE JEWISH HOOD. We couldn't stop lolling for like an hour. Now baby and I are hunting for NAZI MEAT ROFL!!!!! ROFL if your a a Nazi ROFL, man did you pick a real bad day to harass or try to kill a JEW. Guess what Nazi let me introduce you to my future WIFE let me introduce you my dead little Nazi to Hell!!!!! Lets Ride BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AM DONE BLOGGING LETS POST PICS OF THE HUNT! AWWWWWW YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

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