Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Daughter Loves Me :)

Baby This is "the" blog love. Darling you are my firstborn and my blood of blood. You have no reason to apologize to me baby. I taught you how to defend yourself and your mom. I'm your daddy baby, you do nothing wrong in my eyes. Your tears of last night make me confess to you here, what I think you and my Son already know. All that stuff you found in the garage safe, yes its mine. I did all those things while in Europe.

Although, you feel you can love me better or understand me more now. Lol my princess you stay in college, you can join my quest when you graduate ok? I won't let you ride me with until then baby. As far as Mom no sweetheart with the greatest of sadness for you and my Son I tell you here I can't go back to her, she cheated on me, but more importantly, she threw Gods grace away on a whim. I know, I hinted on phone otherwise, I was so happy to hear from you I would have said anything to keep you on the line. Jimmy already picked up my letters from Rome at your house, even though he had no permission from your Mom to enter our grounds. I gave it to him and Mom said ok. The Photos with the the Pope and me, I give to you my Princess. From now on you'll understand who I was, Who I have become and who I will die as.

Daughter of Daughters when you came out on Cruise ship years ago and told us you were Gay..Lmao I still remember your mom that night calling mental hospitals from ships balcony to forcibly intern you. LMAO baby I remember holding her over the balcony and told her that if you were harmed in anyway for your choices by her she would fucking die. That's her tied to chair on balcony, the pic you emailed me thinking was someone else lol I had her spend the whole night out there lmao. ROFL remember the huge ass fight we had at the Castle in Sicily? Mom and I? ROFL it was about her being tied up night before lmao man!!

Baby yes its true though, there was a time long ago that I would done anything and did do for your Mom. She was the love of my life. Now I have turned my back on any hopes of a relationship with another woman. I've been told our kind, can no longer love freely nor can we proffer equality among our lady friends. LOL darling guess like they said, "we're hardcore Macho Men" ROFL!! In other words we die alone, unnoticed and unloved. I was taken in by the Order not because of my can do attitude, baby no, I was taken in because I love what I do.

Until we speak again my Sweet Immortal Princess. PS Now you know why Men in the Grey Suits always followed you guys around Rome when I would take off with cheesy explanations to do this and that. LOL remember when Robby cornered one of them in a gelatio shop? lmao your mom went all grizzly on the poor dude. ROFL! I miss you guys so badly baby.

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