Monday, June 1, 2009

The Lure is no more :)

Two years this motherless fuck killed runaways and hooks in Hollywood. LMAO he won't be hurting the children of the night anymore. Now wait this is the part of a blog that I like ok. See theres about 7 billion people on Earth, but only one person of the 7 billion will understand what I have to say next OMG ROFL this is so fucking funny lmao!!!!!!!!! So when I approach this demon from Hell. I ask him, "hey dude God told me to personally escort you to the gates of hell you ok with that fuckhead"? They usually say "what?" or "pardon me" but mostly they say, "what"? and when they say that, lately I've been replying,
"that's what she said"
OMFG ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Past couple weeks I have given all I had, every goddamn dime I had even my rent money to the "eyes" on the street to get this fucker. Now from corner of Sunset at dodger stadium to Santa Monica to western, every street life now knows that this is my city and they are safe. They have me to protect them or at least some bastard that will try. The reason this thing was called the "lure" is cause he was a well known and sadly a well loved character actor. LMAO bet he's going to "act" all jacked bout right now as he lands straight up in a fire ocean of Hell. Well off to bed have been hunting this fuck for three days and am wiped out. Night all and BTW you do anything for your fellow man aside from letting him cut in front of you in traffic? Also went to a club this weekend in westwood for Italian folks, I ain't Italian, but I figured I would love to meet and who knows date a girl from there.
A pretty tuscany woman called me this which means = Italian To English - lusingatore
adj. flattering, praising, wheedling, complimenting; luring, enticing, LOL I was so proud when I googled it later at home LMAO. ROFL I'm a lusingatore...FUCK ME.... THATS WHAT SHE SAID LMAO!!!! ROFL STOP TEARS!!!!!!!!

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