Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lol whats Wrong Dude!?

Lol man, "Indovino che tipi o almeno me possiamo essere così cane come e scummy". I picked up this flock of beauties at skinnys last night and though the girl to my right likes me... Am way into the babe in red, Marrissa. Shes only 20 and her Sister, Candice to my right is 25. LOL man I ain't a dirty old man lmao ok maybe a little!!!!! Rofl think I'm giving myself Heimlich maneuvers or some kind of spastic attack lmao.

An update though on this post. 8:18 June 18,09 was a little hungover next day when I mmsed this pic to Efrain he never got it and I was like wtf? My MOM just sent me a text with the pic attached OMG I love this woman so much. She wrote "APPARENTLY mejio, one woman at a time is no longer enough for you. Please used protection and don't get hiv or something". Wow man Moms..... Also to those that are on same list as me. I just got moved up to next month to Get Biblical Tortures delivered right to my eager so ever eager to learn "new thangs" hands :)

Will post at Tonys site all the easy to do weekend stuff. Lets see what the Discovery Channel can do? ROFL!!!!!!!!!

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