Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lol ok here it is.

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Well its time. Tomorrow is Friday and its been a while since I've gone out and flirted with or dated a beauty. Doubt I'll dance at skinny's, now that I know our kind has own place to hang out. Mostly the women at our place are hmm how do you say this, lol like, Holy Groupies? Really no fun in that is there. They have they're own agenda and mission. Besides I never liked "yes" people much, I like my women like "T" Girl, all spunky and full of fight. lol yea can lead to a broken heart like in my case, but wow in that time I loved a woman of such caliber that few men can ever dream of let alone actually hold in your arms. Haven't done this in a while, but this morning I stopped in to check in on a group of dear friends I knew over 27 years ago. Well couple still around the rest have passed on.

They usually don't live long, but I was so fucking happy to see Maggie and Sally. I can't post a pic of them or really I won't, as people are so dam cruel. We talked about old times and how this generation is better cause of new pre natal screening of birth defects. See S&M are what you would callously call two headed, but in my presence if you value your tongue, you will bow to them and call them my twins.

Lol we danced a little to remember the old times when my cousin Frank and I found the troop of a family when I was 16 and tripping on acid lmao you can fucking imagine what my cousin and I went through that night ROFL! Aww fuck it I'll tell ya bout it as S&M have a laptop and they can correct my post if I leave anything out lmao what a night that was!!!!! Now before I go on let me tell you something that maybe if you have lived long enough can understand. The fucking CITY Government police departments lie to you. Not out of an evil reason but for a real considerate one. Why the fuck panic you for something you can't do a dam thing about anyway. example!~

,bout nine years am driving ex wife now and a hot little secretary Marianne to la court to testify against some jerk off anyways around Griffith gold course off 5 freeway southbound traffic comes to a hurtling stop I mean we almost all wrecked many did though. Little benders no biggie. Reason a woman had been thrown off a freeway overpass down to freeway heading north on the 5. I remember as we inch through how we freaked when we saw head of woman just lying there and some dude going to his trunk and getting a blanket, My ex wife and I saw the body there lying on freeway all traffic had come to a stop and all I could say was oh my fucking God I see the fucker on top over pass. This dude was looking right at me and with sunglasses and just smiling as I pointed at him from our window. My wife was whimpering and Marianne was crying pretty loud. (rest continued bbl am ready for walk:)

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