Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I give up drinking, it stops now.

I may not be the President of these United States, but I have more will power than he does. Am all about saying goodbye to bad habits. I gave up a bad marriage, February 09 I gave up cigarettes used to smoke a pack a day, last October I gave up a litter of soda pop a day. Two months ago as I saw my dream of a relationship go south I started to drink Rum. Well I lost the babe, yea takes a great idiot to ruin something like I had, well hello I am that idiot. Instead of stopping the bottle at that point. I figured I had lost the babe so lets make eveil monsters feel my pain too. I would make evil suffer even more and yes I made It suffer like no others have before.

I also hung around with the wrong women, lmao THAT I DON'T REGRET! Rofl.. I mean they were madly hot and naughty. Yet this is not the life I wanted or thought I would end up with. Few minutes ago bought a fifth of Barcadi and just finshed throwing it away in trashcan out back. Thats how I quit cigs, soda and anything I want basiclly. I buy it whole and then just throw it away in bag or wrapper right into dumpster. Hope this helps those trying to quit bad things in life. BTW I quit cause I like this girl and I don't ever want her to hear me drunk. LOL dude the stuff a Man will do for a girls future love, huh?

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