Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wow Man!!!

Lol When I was broke I used to ask my neighbors for roses for like ones above for "T" Girl when I would date her. I know you shouldn't date a girl when your low on funds, but I just had to hang out with a babe no matter what. Probably be bloody rich by next week or after, who gives a fuck have had several 1000's of dollars sitting in desk drawer just to buy sea horses and corrals before. Lmao I spent thousands on fucking aquatic life. Lol but yet when I needed the cash later for a babe of a lifetime It was too late and I was divorced. I don't give a crap what others say. My wife took me for 27 years and I took her too.

You have no fucking clue how heavy that marriage life is, until you serve that kind of time lol. It was long and for most of the time I was lucky and it was fun. We got two great kids from it. I won't date any chick that thinks kids are baggage. I just wont man its heartless.. "Baggage" to me is everything man. Anyways am blasted on rum why not man. I finally got it all,, the fucking bmw broke down today lmao. Last time on Kanan Road I was doing 130mph around curves LMAO see I told ya I don't die, so fucking what, without "T" girl by my side whats the goddamn Point. It don't matter. I would never take her back after shit we said to each other, I have a thing about manly pride and shit, but goddamn she was a pretty lass, if God ever created one. A voice that could fool bees into thinking it was honey. Eyes that could have killed Gods in their standings. Man I will long for that Goddess like I have never missed a woman before.

She would tell me that on last date she didn't appreciate my tears for her love lost at dinner lmao man , she has never seen my charges for Gods justice cry blood tears in fear. She should have known that my salt was for the purest reasons,but she didn't get. Her only concern was for what other st at tables would think lol. I have stood at the great pyramids and chiseled my children's name and my wife's and mine at the "place of forgotten names" at the foot of the pyramids. I won't be falling in love for a while, but I will always look forward to the chance of it. Being in love is the most fantastic warming happiest experience a Man can know.

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