Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wow Freedom!

Lol man just finished with Manny he's down there waiting for me. Am going Surfing right now!!!!!!! LMAO!!! Last time I made love to a 5 footer I was 16..ROFL that's what she said!!!! omg lollll!!!! Anyways I was like thinking this morning like 6am lol wtf man your free man. No more wife or kids. You paid them off and you no longer answer to anyone. Sandy was right its like Men get to start over. Kind of unfair but that's life right and am sure theres a trade off. I know when I hit a board again I'll be lost in it. I rode for 3 years, it was hot, really hot at the end. Then one day I got a 5 day earache form water infection and I quit temporarily. That turned into a 30 year break LOL. Was weird running into my first "posse" lol! We were just bunch of dudes back then trying to score women and live the life at the beach, some buffed out, others walked, partied or chased bikinis, we surfed, boring if you like, but I had fun and so did others. Just checked at travel agency they offer surfer tours, best points and beaches, hehe Australia wins with most deadly points. Just put down a deposit on Sydney for July lol screw Rome. Am surfing the Great Barrier Reef!! Ok Heading to Malibu hope I can get some slug or babe to take pic of me diving into sand buffet lmao.

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