Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Thing is..

So am talking with Ex-wife last night, its a weird kinda of monthly status talk of where we our at lives, trippy man. Just months ago we were literally trying to kill each other on paper and in real life. Yet now its like the most surreal deep relationship I'll ever know. Twenty seven years of marriage, 24 hours together man, that's a heap of fucking time. Two kids and lots of memories man, uncountable. I told her my last try at happiness went South. She gives me the old keep up the chin speech and couple hours later I get a call from "Maria". I would have cheated on my wife for Maria. I know she ran around with my wife, when wifey probably cheated on me, but I'm the kind of miserable fuck that keeps my word to God.

Maria is like wow man, 5'10 totally leggy blond, green blueish lagoon colored eyes man. She was raised in New Hampshire and a Harvard graduate, but you would never know it from the way she pitched a softball at little league tryouts some time ago and cursed out the opposing coach. A peach fuzzy complexion, with eyelashes that could touch the clouds. Dam man when we locked eyes years ago on stairs of my hill house, we got closer step by step on staircase, until I stopped myself two inches from her lips, when her kid almost fell over with my Son wrestling on steps, I came to my senses, but the look of sadness and love she gave me as I stepped backwards away from her, I never forgot.

Maria called me today and told me that my ex-wife called her just now and gave her my number. I and Maria go out on Wednesday, lol freaking Wednesdays man, don't even get me started on them. This woman has traveled all over the world too and to tell the truth, right now I need a woman that can ride with me at full throttle man. Just a Girlfriend that says," ok baby lets bag em and tag em". To my ex-wife lol no matter what happens with Maria, Thanks Babe we had a good life lol. ^_-

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