Friday, May 15, 2009

Thanks Man!

Day before yesterday after Lexus race, Efrain told me my beemer had turbo in gas pedal apparently he was right !! So am taking sunset Thursday from PCH and this time I pull up to a Mercedes sedan, some Arab punk in it, daddy's car. I wave a Benny at dude, yell at him ,"who ever gets first to the Brentwood Inn," he yells back, "old man you'll get a stroke" and I flashed and said, your Mom Didn't say that, wtf Son? he got pissed and off we flew. I expected sunset at that hour to be a little jacked, lmao man it was clean bro. We were doing 70's around 30 curves and we both were laughing and smiling at each other as we passed our asses. He was going to lose, he was stopping for red lights, showed the little punk on "the fly"lol how to go through lights without wrecking or others and the race then got heavy. I had Sandy's Platters tape on and man the tires were screaming the kid was sweating and birds were flying all over. Time slowed as we hit bentwood crest and the kid slammed on brakes to let a post office van go through lol man I left that little van spinning and tore through lights. Cars were blaring horns as we tore into stopped lanes, swerving around to opposite lanes and the kid sideswiped a mailbox and came to a stop at some gas station. I beat the little punk. Had Ex-Wife skiptrace his plates as I drove on 405 freeway, by time I got home. I had emailed him pic of Bentwood Inn (pic above) along with address where to send 100 bucks.

lmao yea I know immature and shit, but man I think I have returned from the dead and something wicked is coming my way. Tonight I said bye to her and well the world melted in front of me, yea man I was expecting and ready for it but lol still man. Well I Surfed today I think pics came out am still going through them, note to people the blackberry pearl sucks as a camera.

Guys have certain things about women they need or must have. Some dudes like legs,boobs,etc you get the I like them drop dead beautiful. Am a sucker for a pretty Dame man. Well that's for another post, right now am cleaning up, lol did rounds tonight, was a little perturbed and since nobody will be here at my apt again, lol keyboard is going to be a little messy ROFL!!

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