Monday, May 4, 2009

Pardon me Ms..

Funny thing I didn't know love would hurt like this. Never have had heartache before lol wow the shit hurts in a painful way man. I mean if your kid is bummed you hurt if your wife or mate hurts so do you,but to feel all busted up when you break up with a girl of a lifetime wow man that shit is fucking harsh in the strongest terms lmao man. At least I tried to rationlize how I had a great time with her on so many levels and that we both got what we wanted or thought wanted, thing is I fell in love with the Dame. I sang with a live band this weekend at skinnys in noho it was cool man. Lol man karoke is kinda silly but with a live band doing the music its a drunks dudes dream come true.
Sang bad to the bone and dude it was fucking magic rofl for at least me. I was looking at tours a an hour ago and for some reason middle eastern countries looking good. LMAO maybe am like dam chicks will do what we men say or off with thier heads.. lol man that sucks and any religion advocating that kind of caveman shit should be banned. So as a Cathoilic I give the finger to Islam always and forever. Dalles, Texas, Hollywood..............

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