Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Heart is Black again..finally :)

I FUCKING DID IT!!!!!!!!!!! Mulholland canyon 85 man!!!!!! We took it from wrightwood and baby we tore a new asshole through the mountain until near laurel. I never have known such an exhilaration as wheels went off road and we hung in air. Slide outs around some corner near laurel and right into oncoming traffic. Man my blood went cold as I jagged in and out of one way train of rushing sedans and we went over side, met up with the fucker as he drafted around some oaks, figured front of my baby was crushed now,but my BMW beauty smiled, blinked and we gunned it over dude and down to laurel. Little bitch thought he give me slip and cut into a street off laurel lol man, please???? Well I just got back from leaving him well adjusted at Hollywood bowl. He'll keep and will answer for his sins later tonight. Right now am getting a fucking real good buzz on and heading off to chatsworth park back of boulders near old train tracks. If you know where that is, I suggest you don't go there for a couple hours lmao shit ain't gonna be pretty. Seems some kind of Nobie satanic birthday party is going on. Heheh wait until they get a look at me LMAO!!!!!!!! Today instead of buying some samurai sword for an ex girl friend's kid. I went to little Tokyo and bought myself a nice "Ginseng" sword!!!!! ROFL!!!!!!!!!! Lets see it what it can do?

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