Saturday, May 23, 2009


Update: I canceled with sweet young honey after Maria called. Figure its like what the character Joker said in batman movie regarding a mad dog chasing a car. I wouldn't know what to do with a 30 year old girl if I caught her?

So this Memorial weekend was going to be a just a Hell spawned memory zombie emotional brain fuck fest to the 10th* power. Until it hit me like a ton of bricks. It was like "T" Girl said would happen. An Epiphany blasted itself through my being. Why am I letting American social culture dictate my life's outcome. Whose says I have to date a 40-55 year old woman? Its not done in Rome Italy, so why should I live by such a young Nation's rigid view on intangible love, want of or lack of, here? Can't leave to Rome at this moment, but I so do need a sweet woman by my side. I can't exist without being vested in an all consuming relationship with a woman, its how I'm wired. Last night I went hunting for a young woman in a club and I caught her. We danced and laughed ,talked for hours. She's Japanese and 28, in other words I'll be 20 years older than her in June. Going out again Monday to Coast. Her smile makes her eyes explode with such a intense light and happiness. What hit me hard about her as we danced, was when she reached out and caressed one of my bruises on my face, see I've been in a couple scrapes lately and well been taking a few shots in the process. She asked if it hurt, I smiled and winked a a convincing at least I thought "no". She smiled, hugged me and whispered you remind me of an "Alley cat". Today I been tripping bout her smiling comment, alley cat...Meow. lmao

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