Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lol Did you see how he fell off cliff?

Wow how it feels to move on. Its like a force pulls you away from something that was so intense and so comforting you thought could never end or dim. What I want in my life right now is to take over and absorb a woman to her fullest, call it weird how the fuck do I know. Its what I do. To be all for that woman. To be there for her in every way to expect her desire, to love me and be part of decisions of great magnitude. To expect security in all aspects of her life from parking her car to her health. In short for me to act like timber wolf and scare off a approaching grizzly. I know this is as to be true for when I was married anytime an instance of personal danger stuck at us. It was mine and always my action that stood between my family. I am who the fuck I am and I make no apologies for not negotiating Evil away, its just easier to kill it.

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