Saturday, May 2, 2009

Live it Man!

lol bro my ex wife wants me back and lol no man that shit ain't ever gonna happen man. I was married to the woman for 27 years I think I get it now lmao!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways my business is taking off and the women are flourishing as well. I like dating meeting new babes and listening to Their stuff and lives. Heavy shit never existed than a woman's tales about living the life. I like moms especially the 30 to 40 crowd man. They have their stuff together and gawdam they are a sexy and a fucked up sexually bunch. I never been with more sexually expressive women than the 30-40 class of babes. They love it all and dam man it so rocks. I love dancing with them on floor and later making love and dinning with them . I buried my Dad when he moved on and you only got one fucking life so use it man. I held him as he died and Ill never forget it never man One thing is holding a piece of shit that deserved to die holding him just to see his light pass on but another is holding your Father die and move on in your arms. an unforgettable experience. So man what you gonna do? let beautiful women dictate your life or have your life dedicated to beautiful women and doing what your heart commands is the the right thing to do?

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