Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm Really Free Now.

Barbara Ruben is my 500th Twitter Follower :)

Yesterday on coldwater canyon couple of "milf's?" I prefer the phrase incredibly beautiful sexy mature women, edged up to me in a Viper and and asked me how, "I'm driving so fast around curves with no hands on my steering wheel"?.. LMAO man!! I smiled, lowered my voice all husky like and said, "guess"? ROFL they busted up, winked and before they could go on. I just sped off. Truth is I use my knees. A good friend taught me how to do it mainly to free up my paws for lock and load reasons, but sometimes when I drove "T" Girl around town. I would drive hands free. I never knew if it got her nervous, heck sometimes she would nap while I did it. Also comes in handy for sexier reasons with a special girl!

Was married for forever man 27 years last April. The Court said my Divorce should be final this week lol man. Fell in love on sight with a dreamboat of a babe two months ago and it just fizzled out, my fault really as I can be a real asshole, its my nature. Yet when this loveboat sank, it hurt more than my marriage breakup. So what now? look for a new girlfriend, lover or casual sex buddy? LOL no man!! This time what I truly desire is a dance partner for swing dance. If it leads to love or whatever fine, but right now in my life I need to dance my blues away. Had to move my payments back by a few weeks. I had promised homeless shelter some food from restaurant, figured it be running by now and since it isn't. I threw in cash instead, most of what I had is now gone lol man. There went 700 for surfboard at val surf and a killer deal on a one piece wetsuit 165 list goes on lol.. Last night as I spent a couple hours payback duty perched on a Synagogue roof, lol I like busting Nazi taggers,thugs, etc. I thought that a guy like me will never know peace or true love. To begin with, am cold blooded so there went any chance of warming up to a proper girl, like last beauty I was involved with.

I always fuck up and say wrong things or respond to quickly, before thinking about her feelings. I expect too much maybe and I demand nothing short but a persons best. "T" Girl was right, I'm too fucking mean and heartless to ever truly understand a good decent woman. I was married to the wrong one for such a long time its now hopeless for me to ever be the right guy for any Dame again. Yet I 'm one hell of a dancer though. So am going to dance my life away. During day I'll work my ass off running restaurant, at night search for Evil, destroy it and on weekends dance with the prettiest Women on this earth. <---(Mid-Life Crisis?) LMAO YA THINK? ROFL!!!!!! Wait until you see the pics I post here on this blog, when I'm in the sanctuary of Vatican airlines on the way to Rome ..Ciao..

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