Sunday, May 17, 2009

Guess I aint alone either!

Well so I get to chatsworth figured, I was going to die, after all I am or think I'm immortal, but its not like an Angel or a big booming voice ever told me I was. I just assumed it as I just don't die. So I was thinking on way how many there would be there and how was I supposed to get past the lookouts. My skills are more for one on one, not a cult raider. Got there and the party had already started, monsters running all over screaming the sweet song of desperation as death closed in. The baby's wailing was unbearably loud man. I could see my colleagues totally consumed by the lust of God's vengeance.

I jumped out and instead of diving into the fray, lmao I started to dance rofl!!!!!!! I easesd sword out of trunk all slow like. Everything was just so fucking much in slow motion. Started to dance over to first fucker, he tried hacking me with some ax or shit. He became maggot food, but I could still hear the baby crying. I tore ass over to the sacrifice altar of the beast. There was the little baby all tied up and doused in gasoline. All I remember later is dropping baby, alive and well off at ER in area and talking to my friends later at place of Reunion. I spoke to a few regarding what the pain of being alone meant. A few told me that my life would be allot easier if I just gave up on ever having a woman to trust or fully love ever again. Basically the consensus was, have a ball just fucking around, give up on true love and enjoy the earthly pleasures and rewards in exchange for an eternal soul damned in the name of the Innocent. Kinda sucks as a trade off if you think of it from my side,but Lol fine. Found out that I get to travel for Free to Italy whenever I want. That was a huge ass surprise. Meaning I could leave tomorrow, all I have to do is pay for my own room and food. Its just $1000.00-2,000.00 savings, but a savings nevertheless.

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