Monday, April 27, 2009

How it goes.

Lol well I tried to be accommodating and this is all I can do. I like to write shit online its what I do. So what if you read it or don't at least I wrote it. Now its time to hit the road and see life the hardest way a man can, by himself. She was right, men that get divorced at my age and maturity or lack thereof get a chance to play it over, albeit in a faster and deadlier way, a chance nevertheless. I have found that all women posses an incalculable beauty and way of being that it drives you to ridiculous actions and accusations. I just did the same and well somethings you just can't take back and maybe something inside you that got hurt just a little too seriously refuse to take back lol. The point is I raise my glass to her and on every night until I wither. She was beautiful, magnificent and incredibly brilliant. It was I who failed the test. It was I the man that is so fucking stupid he doesn't know when to die. It was I that fucked it up. Inside burns me a passion and a love deeper and it burns like the core of our mother Earth. I will not rest until I can devour a woman whole from her soul to her mind. I will eat her and have her become one with me. I will learn from this horrid failure on my part and the next goddess will be worshipped righteously. Note to self next time dance with her first it could have told you alot before you gummned it up.

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