Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Be Right Back.

Well what a day huh? Ran all over and got all my competitors prices, filed some closure induced papers in an old personal family law case. Such brings to an end a long and well lived chapter in my past. So many unknown and reborn feelings surfacing now. This weekend I go empire building, be it without a Queen by my side. Was sad today when I left the court after filing some final shit and more especially after talking to the "T" girl and getting blown off and not the good blown off either man. Yea as I drove to my place I could have thought of all that I lost in the future, instead I chose to think of what a glorious and mind numbing couple months its been with "T" Girl. Ive done a lot of bad things and you could try to spend resources and manpower and never, ever convict me of a gawdam thing, heh heh cool huh.

Just like I can bounce around like a tin can under a tour bus for a few blocks with not a care in the world so can evidence and witness be counted to effect against me not. Thank you God. This one hurt and there's nothing I can do about it. I figure I've done enough and best to step back if I really cared for her. I turn my back on many now and just turn toward an endless workweek and blissfully disappear in its all mind and bone tiring consumption. In a couple of weeks I cancel my t-mobile number no longer need that connection to the past. So many people will get away with scams and other scandalous things in the name of evil. Yet that was not my function I have done what i had to do to claim my name and honor in Rome. I have nothing more to prove to God or Man. I lived a good life I left my children, children of divorce now, well I left them provided with the knowledge of the world embedded in their veins. They speak foreign tongues, my blood spawn can dissect a stupid man within mere paces of his unsuspecting nature. I have done as was expected and taught them to survive. What I never thought would afflict me and pray that never strikes at them, my sweet merceful children, yea my deadly, but innocent children, is the unknown soul crushing, shattering pain of pains, a fucking broken heart man. I have been stabbed, shot and left for dead a dozens times, but mother fucker I never have felt such anguish like I feel now. I kid you not asshole this shit is deadly and dark man. I had to lock myself up in my apt as I trust not what or who I will strike out at.

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