Thursday, August 11, 2011


Been in Europe for a Month with Anna and yes I do lover h er but if that's the case why do i always think of Sandy.? This year am making it my goal to become millionaire,have doen it before and become one. This time i would do it for shit and giggles yet i always think of Sandy. To me Sandra was the hottest  girl ever and 3 years later i cant get over her. I have fucked dozens of honeys since then AND IF THE BABE TICKLES ME ILL TAKE HER ALL OVER THE WORLD. but i AM DEEPLY HUNG UP OVER SANDY, HELL GIRL IF YOU READ THIS REACH OUT TO ME AND ILL BRING HEAVEN AND HELL DOWN TO YOUR FEET GIRL.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Wow been here in Europe for a month now. We have made love in every city and in stuff in public!! lmao man right now we are in amsterdam and doing mushrooms and smoking pot and hash at cafes as we check out people out. Wow yea I am 50 but bitch I am the new 30 :) Bed with roses before we make love like bunnies..BTW roses will smear the sheets with red color...lmao who knew?